Start To Finish

This is a repost from my other blog. Felt appropriate for NaNoWrMo

Start to Finish

Possible meanings of the above sentence. What? You thought there was only one? Shaa, whatever. If ‘to’ means a continuation or through, the sentence suggests a journey. If ‘finish’ means a goal or objective, the sentence suggests a purpose for starting in the first place. Are you following me? This would be easier if keyboard had keys for voice inflection. If ‘start’ means a point or status of a project, the sentence suggests that you are almost finished, you are beginning to come to the end.

Often we are in the ‘to’ of the first meaning. In the process of writing. In the journey of creating, improving. Occasionally, we are in the third meaning. Almost there. We can look back and see what we have accomplished and sense – like a women smelling lost chocolate in her desk drawers – that we are getting closer. But rare is the few that are driven to the second meaning. Lost you did I?

80 %. Eighty percent of people say they have always wanted to write a book. Wanted ‘to’, maybe even ‘start’ed to. But done it? Finished? And even more done it – written a book – again and again? Wow.

Ways to stay motivated.

1. Read your local chapter newsletter. Don’t belong to a writing organization? Consider joining.

2. Read the RWR. It counts, weather just a page or the whole thing, as helping you. A business tool to improve your chances to get and stay within the elite few.

3. Attend a chapter meeting or conference. Surrounded by book lovers, writers and chocolate (in most instances bring your own, I’m not the sharing type). It rejuiventates the creative spirit, it soothes the aches of rejection and gives you the chance to support others.

4. Read a good book. Remember why you want to write in the first place. Remember why books are good, and not evil torture devices.

5. Read a bad book. You can do better than that.

6. Write fluff. Doesn’t have to be part of your WIP, work in progress. Doesn’t have to be good. You just have to enjoy it.

7. Exercise. Nope, it is not a four letter word. I counted. But it doesn’t have to be, or rather it shouldn’t be, something you dislike. Walking, playing hide and seek with the grandkids, gardening, doing the dishes while you dance to heavy metal. It’ll keep you healthy and make it easier to stay in that chair when it’s time to write.

8. Last, more ‘cause their kicking me out of B&N (it’s only 10:58pm), think of all the reasons to quit. Write them down and tear it up. Then write all the reasons you write and pin it up to your bathroom mirror.

Start to Finish.


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